Debüt - direkt

With the education project Debüt-direkt, we directly encourage teachers and students to leave the classroom, whether in the school, on the world wide web or in the form of visits to music libraries, in the studios of Deutschlandfunk Kultur or in the Philharmonie Berlin. We would like to reopen a world of hearing that is no longer accessible to some young people. Attendees at Debüt-direkt we grant for their concert visit greatly reduced (orchestral concerts) or free (chamber concerts) tickets.


Module 1 - Information
For the preparation of the concert visit, the teachers will be provided with detailed information about the performers, the composer and the works. The students are motivated to do their own research and to actively examine the concert program.

Module 2 - Development of a radio report
One course or one class will be given the opportunity to take a short radio tour at the studios of the German radio culture. Further the group can produce their own radio-feature in professional conditions which will be broadcast in the concert pause. In the preparation of the contribution, the students are closely supervised.

Module 3 - Concert soloists at school
The Debüt-artists visit a school the day after the concert for two school hours. Depending on your interest and arrangement, you can conduct a school orchestra test, coach a chamber music ensemble or give a public instrumental lesson. It is also possible for the artists to play something, to talk about the works and to tell something and to answer questions.

The collective concert visit is the climax and the highlight to all of the modules.

If you are interested in the cooperation, please contact:
k&k kultkom, Crellestr. 22, 10827 Berlin, Germany
Tel .: 030-78 70 33 50, Mail:

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