radio features

Production of a radio feature within the context of the concert series Debüt in the Deutschlandradio Kultur.




The group of pupils gets to know the broadcasting centre at Hans-Rosenthal Platz within the context of an one-hour guided tour about four weeks before the concert´s appointment. Beside a short historical summary about the former RIAS (with inspection of an old interfering transmitter) the tour leads through different studios, to the "Newsroom" and to the outside broadcast vans.

Right after Mrs. Anderson of the music editorial staff is available for questions and answers. Beside the contents there is also a focus on the technical production and the framework requirements (slot etc.) of a so-called „built feature“.

In the end the pupils receive two record devices (incl. operating instructions) with which they can record the original soundtracks – mostly in form of an interview – during the following weeks. The record devices must be handed to the studio appointment.


During the weeks up to the studio appointment the pupils should record their original soundtracks, typewrite them and make a choice of the parts they want to use for the feature. According to experience original soundtracks have a length of 20 to 30 minutes of which a maximum of 90 to 120 seconds are used for the feature.

The manuscript to be provided contains the speech contribution, that is presented by a pupil and recorded in the studio. Every manuscript will be given a feedback from the editorial staff and then often the manuscript must be adapted by the pupils. Eventually the finished manuscript is overlooked by the editorial staff - an expiry like in a real journalist's life.

Afterwards the original soundtracks and the recorded texts are assembled by a sound engineer in the studio to a 3-minute contribution in presence of the pupils.


Beispiel 1  |   Beispiel 2


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