Stadtgeflüster | 2016

Project conception and management, coordination, accompaniment of sound installations and PR on behalf of Fichtelgebirge Elementary School


Klangraum Kurfürstenstraße (sound experiments in Kurfürstenstraße) | 2007

concept, project development, advertising, PR and financing for the Quartiersmanagement Magdeburger Platz


MAGISTRALE - cultural night in the Potsdamer Straße | 2005-2007

organisation and PR for the Quartiersmanagement Magdeburger Platz and Schöneberg-Nord - www.magistrale-kulturnacht.de


nawarak.lelmal - artistical and cultural caravan  from Berlin to Africa | 2005

organisation and PR in co-operation with KULTURKONTAKTE e.V., Interarte e.V., HBK Braunschweig - www.lelmal.de


Connecting Europe - social environments close to the railway station in Lerth | In 2003-2005

concept, financing, organisation and PR in co-operation with Jan Blieske (architect) and st.arc (urban development and architecture)


light art project LICHTERLOH | 2002-2006

concept, financing, organisation, realisation, PR and documentation - own project


Emballage - or the language of the object | 2000-2002

organisational supervision, financing, PR and documentation of the festival on the topic “object” (theatre, music, performance, fine arts) for the University of the Arts and the artist's network InterArte


"Glory Hole" in the "Kunstbecken" | 1999

concept, organisation and realisation of a showroom in a public toilet - "Kunstbecken" - and realisation of the exhibition "Glory Hole" by the artist group TULIP ENTERPRISES – own project


Art project Lustgarten | 1998-1999

co-ordination and organisation of the design of the hoarding during the construction phase in the Lustgarten in Berlin - artist Salean A. Maiwald, Heike Maria Unvorstellbar, Tulip Enterprises, Keen Graff-X - for the Green Berlin Parks and Gardens