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Kulturmanagement & Kommunikation

Crellestraße 22, D - 10827 Berlin
Fon: ++49-30-78 70 33 50/ 51, Fax: ++49-30-78 70 33 52
Mail: info{at}

management, project-management and process-developement  Kerstin Wiehe
Mail: wiehe{at}


project-management Jennifer Aksu (parental leave)

Mail: aksu{at}


project-management Debüt-direkt and DSO-direkt  Hans-Jörg Bahrs
Mail: bahrs{at}


project-management QuerKlang  Elsa Franz
Mail: querklang{at}


project-management talent-diploma  Caroline Reck
Mail: reck(at}


process-developement Graefe-Kiez & Mariannen-Kiez  Christian Martens

Mail: martens{at}


process-developement Kreuzberg-Zentrum  Annette Nägele

Mail: naegele{at}


internship  Mariella Castelo

Mail: castelo{at}



If you have interest in a training period, send us your application papers by e-mail under bewerbung{at} Condition is that you have at least six-month time, can work independently and have already gained experience in the project work in the area of public relations or cultural management. You can gain experience in all steps of the project work and have to accompany the opportunity projects also from beginning up to the end.